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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the technique of creating and sharing content on social networks to promote a product or service. Social networking sites act as modern, online word of mouth forums where users and brands can reach millions of other users. Brands can use hyper-targeting to reach their desired audience based on users’ social media profile information and online behavior.

Whereas search is dominated by Google, social media is far more diverse. In fact, there are 20+ social media networks with over 100 million users from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through to YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Each network has a unique audience mix and provides different social actions. For example, LinkedIn and Facebook are full-blown social networking sites that allow for the sharing of updates, articles, photos, videos and other activities. YouTube and Instagram are focused on the sharing of videos and images.

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Facebook social media page for Precision Digital

Although simple post views (impressions) can be a campaign objective, user engagements are the standard KPI for social media. Likes, follows, clicks, shares and even comments can be tracked to show how users interact with a brand.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Brands?

The hyper-targeting ability of social media is unrivaled. Users share an abundance of personal information that the networks (mostly) allow brands to target against. Reducing Facebook’s 2.2 billion users to a few thousand targeted prospects is incredibly powerful and efficient for brands.

Brands can use social media marketing to increase their visibility and brand awareness. By creating company profiles and useful, engaging posts, brands can build up a strong community of prospects and customers. Some brands, typically aimed at millennials and generation Zs, have never utilized traditional advertising channels, but have built up solid customer bases using social networks.

Social media marketing allows brands to maintain relationships with prospects and customers. Through regular posts and updates, brands can keep users up to date with the latest product and service news, and drive traffic to their websites and stores.

Social media also provides brands with a forum to hear users’ views. Disgruntled customers will share their views with others- online or offline. By allowing users to interact with brands on social media, brands can rapidly identify problems with their offerings, and respond to users to rectify situations.

How does Precision Deliver Social Media Marketing Excellence?

Like the other media channels that we offer, Precision works to an extensive and detailed list of best practices in social media marketing. We create a social strategy to meet each client’s objectives, leading to a tactical plan to meet KPIs. We use the social networks’ own targeting capabilities and we also utilize each client’s customer data to reach the right audience. As mentioned above, there are many social networks to reach users on so we select the platforms where the target audience is most prevalent.

Precision ensures that social posts and ads add value and are appreciated by target audiences. These positive customer experiences garner more interactions and drive higher success rates for our clients.

Precision optimizes in real time to tweak target audiences and move budget between sponsored posts and social networks to drive the greatest results for a budget.

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